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Jewelry Designer

Hi there! My name is Jalyn, and I intentionally curate and hand-make every piece of crystal jewelry with crystals in alignment with the Full and New Moon cycles. Choosing crystals that are aligning during those cosmic phases. The energy that is present during these phases have been connected with my own personal ebb and flow of energy, and ultimately, have helped illuminate certain parts of myself and my path. 

I love working with crystals. They have been a natural tool on my own self healing journey, and they have served as a tool in discovering my own spirituality and connection to energy. Crystals are powerful intention setters. As I have become more attune to their energy (and energy at large), I have found that they are great in redirecting, attracting, and tuning my own energy. They have become a regular part of my day and rituals. They are always in my pockets, my bags, and on my body. I love wearing crystals, and intentionally choosing, creating, and wearing jewelry that leads me to my greater alignment.


Crystal Jewelry

Raw Intention is a handmade crystal jewelry company that allows the wearers to align themselves with the intentions and properties of the crystals within the jewelry.

RI sells high quality crystal jewelry.  Our mission is to create an inclusive, accessible, and safe environment where folks can come together on their own personal self healing journey. RI is committed to creating beautiful high quality magical jewelry which assists folks moving towards their own self healing, radical, magical, transformative future.

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Manifesting My Dream

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