Frequently asked questions

How do I buy an item?

You can purchase items through our website! If you have any questions on any of our products - feel free to DM us on Instagram @rawintentionjewelry or email us at rawxintention@gmail.com

What is Rekindled Gems?

You know how everyone has those little beads, charms, and/or trinkets lying around that aren't attached to anything, but you can't throw them away because you feel they are important beads...Well, I have been collecting those. I want to start harnessing a collaboration between you and me, where we can rekindle and refurbish the item(s) into something that you can wear again! I accept donations of beads that you have lying around where they will be recycled into newer pieces and act as additions to our Rekindled Gems Collection. We have so many things, and so I'm thinking - why not create something beautiful out of something forgotten, broken, recycled/reused?

How do I contact Raw Intention?

If you reach out to Raw Intention, we will get back to you in less than 24 hours whether it is via Instagram (@rawintentionjewelry) or Email (rawxintention@gmail.com)!

How do I know how to pick the right gem?

There are descriptions of each piece's crystals in the store! We hope you read them and feel connected to a piece and its messaging - and if not, we're always trying to come out with more pieces so keep your eyes open! We also recommend going out and doing some research of your own to see which crystal best aligns with you already! One of our favorite sites to dig a little deeper is Energy Muse!

What if I have a stone I love?

Do you have a stone or crystal that you envision making into a piece? Have in mind exactly what you like? Do you have no idea what you like, but know you want to wear a crystal/stone that you already hold dear? SOON we are going to come out with a way to collaborate with YOU to create your perfect piece of jewelry.

When will my package arrive?

We ship through USPS, domestic shipping is $3.50 for USPS First Class shipping. To ensure you purchase is created with love and care, we will drop your package off for shipment between 1 - 10 Business Days (I am a one woman team, but I will work to get your purchases out ASAP). Once your order is dropped off for shipment, you will get a tracking code email confirmation. From that time, your package will arrive between 3 - 5 business days after shipment. We recently added USPS First Class International shipping which costs $15, and there is not a solid arrival time, but within 2 weeks, it will be delivered. If your package hasn't arrived within this time frame, please feel free to reach out to us!