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Amethyst is protective and intuitive. It cleanses and combats negative energy from your own, resonating as a shield of light. It clears the energy around you so your intuition shines through. It attracts calmness, peace, and balance.

Journal Prompt(s):

List some activities that fine tune your personal intuition?

Take a moment to go inward. Take a deep breath, on your slow exhale close your eyes. Feel your energy, taking stock on how you feel in that moment (do not try to change how you feel - just feel). Meditate for as long as you feel comfortable (1 min, 5 mins, 15 mins? However long calls you). Journal about what arose for you, even if you are just describing your current state.

Raw Intention recommends you continue to dig deep and research your chosen crystal, feel deeply what connects with you - leave whatever does not.

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