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Dalmatian Jasper

Dalmatian Jasper is a nurturing and tender energy. It can be especially powerful in aiding in your own personal inner child work. It helps revitalize your playful and joyful childlike energy. The dark spots in dalmatian jasper are caused by tourmaline deposits, so it has the same protective and grounding properties as tourmaline as well.

Journal Prompt(s):

Sit with yourself for a moment, and invite forth your child like energy. What comes forth for you? A memory, moment, smell, idea, dream, like, dislike, yearning, emotion...

When you were younger, what brought forth safe and grounding feelings?

Does this show up in your life now? How does it show up?

Raw Intention recommends you continue to dig deep and research your chosen crystal, feel deeply what connects with you - leave whatever does not.

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