The Pendulum

How to use YOUR Pendulum:

USE your pendulum however it best works for you; there is no one right way, but here are some tips on figuring out how your pendulum!

*Figure out what is YES and NO for your pendulum by starting to ask it, what is it's YES or NO motion? Then follow it by asking simple questions that you know a direct yes or no answer to check its answer.

*Once you figure out the pendulum's YES or NO, start asking away...

  1. Hold pendulum with your dominant hand from thee top of chain between thumb + forefinger

  2. Hold the pendulum over your receiving hand

  3. Focus your energy on the pendulum, and begin to ask questions

From my own experience and the experience of those I am close to, a pendulum is a tool that can be used to help you connect with your highest self. The questions that you ask the pendulum can help you reach better understanding and clarity, so make sure you are asking clear and concise questions. Be conscious that your pendulum connects with your (or the user's) energy, so when you get ready to ask it questions, clear your mind and focus on connecting your energy to that of your pendulum. It is also important to keep in mind that sometimes (depending on the question, the day, where your energy is at in that moment) your answer can come in strong one day and change the next. Because your pendulum connects with your energy, it's ok to sometimes get an answer and then try again another day and find that the answer has shifted.

In choosing a pendulum, find one that speaks to YOU.


  1. What brought you to start using a pendulum? - "I started using a pendulum because I felt this strong draw to buy one for a long time and when I was in Salem last month I walked into Enchanted and saw all the pendulums and knew I had to get one."

  2. What is your relationship like with your pendulum? - "My relationship with my pendulum is pretty good. She was very easy to understand, clear “yes” and “no” patterns, always very responsive with me. But, she’s sassy and doesn’t always respond to other people."

  3. Does your pendulum have a name? How did you choose it? - "Yes. Her name is “sassy” or “miss sassy” and I love her DEARLY. She got her name because she is super sassy, she’s got a whole lot of personality that’s for sure."

  4. What is something you wished you knew before you bought a pendulum? - "Something I wish I knew before getting a pendulum is that there are some questions you aren’t ready to know the answers to and some questions not worth asking."

  5. What is something you've learned along the way? - "How amazing pendulums are as an introductory spiritual tool. I feel like pendulums are a great introduction to spirituality and the power of our connectedness to the universe. It’s so important to have an open mind and to channel your energy positively. Enjoy your time with a pendulum and don’t dwell too much on any particular answer as everything is always changing."

REMEMBER, there is no right way to learning or using your pendulum; there is only what works for you :)

...and a big thanks to Gracie for letting me interview her :)