Dunia Drop Earrings

Dunia Drop Earrings


This piece is curated with tigers eye, blue lace agate, and aventurine. Tigers eye helps you release fear and aid in your own harmony with yourself and balance with the world. It helps one make decisions coming from a place of understanding and discernment. Blue lace agate brings positive energy and vibrations into any equation. It's meant to be a throat chakra, fifth chakra, crystal that promotes insightful and articulate communication especially as it pertains to confrontation. Built to help those who have trouble expressing themselves, assisting with stage fright and public speaking. Aventurine is great for helping you connect with your heart chakra which will grace you with a sense of confidence that will make leaving your comfort zone less frightening. It is also one of the luckiest stones in the realm of crystals. 


In Arabic, Dunia is a name that means means life, the world.


This piece is curated with tigers eye, blue lacee agate, aventurine, and nickel free wire.


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